Lioness ArtworkLioness – CYLVESTER Remix

Lioness was given to us by oh sleep to create a CYLVESTER version of it. We love to flip sounds, stems and samples entirely and mix them up with synth-lines and bass-hooks. We work on our tracks dawless, without a laptop. (Pre-Save-Link)



Lioness – CYLVESTER Remix (2019) Written and Produced by CYLVESTER
Mastering – Daniel Karelly (aka. Affe Maria)
Cover Artwork – Bruno Bauch
Video Concept and Idea by CYLVESTER and Fabian Klein
Video DOP Fabian Klein
Laser Setup and Operation – Alexander Rechberg (Plex Noir)

Lioness – Oh Sleep written by Florian Sczesny produced by David Maria Trapp at Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios mastered by Alex Kloss